"This project is the result of the meeting between Sergio Krakowski (pandero player) and Mario Forte (violinist). Both of them was involve and influenced by a very large fusion of styles, as world music from Brazil, North-Africa... but also Jazz, Hip-Hop, Contemporain music, influenced by composer as Ligeti, Messiaen, Bartok, Reich (...). The tribute is a series of few performances, in residency @Planeta (Lower East Side - NYC), each month a different line up invited, under the influence and the aspect of an artist, each time different, musicians as visual ones. "The Tributes" are not a remake of the work of the artist, but a personal performance with original and some renown musicians, invited to perform all together for the 1st time."

PLANETA Lower East Side - 295 E, 8th street - 10019 NYC

April 23rd - 8PM

"Black Portraits", a work around the African Masks of Pablo Picasso.

Line up, Mario Forte (violin, Electronics), Sergio Krakowski (Pandero, Electronics), KEITA OGAWA (percussions), ALBY ROBLEJO (percussions)


may 18th - 8PM

"Hungarian Folks", around the music of Bartok. 

Special guests, MARK FELDMAN (violin), CYRO BAPTISTA (percussion)

JUNE 21st - 8PM

"La Voce della Luna", a Tribute to Federico Fellini.

Special guests, ANAT COHEN (clarinet), STEVE DALACHINSKY (reader)